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Man Enjoys Drinking Car Oil

Meet Muhammad Omar, a man who drinks motor oils and says they are great natural energizing drinks. The Yemeni mechanic who lives in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, says he's been drinking brake oils and lubricants as part of his "diet" since he was 17 and began working as a mechanic.

Omar's lifestyle is unique to him and we certainly do not recommend trying it out. When we met him, we wanted to see how a man who consumes engine oils and petrochemicals seems to be leading a normal lifestyle.

"I have been drinking all kinds of engine oils and consuming lubricants for 28 years now. I need to drink these oils to sustain myself", said the tire serviceman.

Omar chose to work in a car maintenance center in Mecca to literally sustain himself.

From a medical point of view, Dr. Abdel Hamid Jalhoun, a specialist in Internal Medicine, says that Omar's is not an unconventional case. He is just like those who sustain themselves by eating frogs and desert locusts. While we may find it difficult to tolerate such behavior it's important to note that Omar's behavior is psychologically motivated.

"These oils and lubricants do not contain any toxic substances or abnormal ingredients," he says.

The mechanic consumes a quantity of oil that is enough to keep a car engine running for 2,500 miles.

He says that he usually drinks two to three motor oil bottles a day and sometimes even four, in addition to lubricants.

Shadi Hassan, a regular customer, was amazed to see Omar drinking motor oils.

He says as long as he is surrounded by piles of oil containers and stacks of lubricants, he doesn't feel hunger but he can't go a day without consuming his favorite oil cocktail.

Arabic report by:
Khamis Al-Zahrani -- Mecca- Al-Arabiya

Stanela Khalil

Nadia Idriss Mayen
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