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Strangest parrot in the world: a parrot can not fly but did not keep him only 127 in the world!

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Have you heard before about the parrot can not fly?!

Here's the strangest types Albbghaeat in the world:

What you see in the picture is "Kakabu" which is a very rare species of Albbghaeat living in New Zealand, a threatened species, there is no danger of extinction but it now only 127 in the world, so much so that scientists have given them names characterize each individual of them!
Let's look through this issue to the strange object might not see him again in the future ..

Means Kakabu "parrot the night, the aptly named it activates this parrot usually only at night, and is characterized Kakabu several characteristics make it unique among all the birds of the world, it is parrot the only one who does not fly, the heaviest parrot in the world and the longest bird life amounts to an average 90-year-old .
The reason for his inability to fly scientists into thinking that he had lost that ability because there are no dangers threatening in nature on the island of New Zealand.

Characterized Kakabu green feathers and a large gray beak, wings and tail and has a relatively

short legs and small feet and large. He is skilled at climbing


For this type of Albbghaeat habits very strange explain the lack of preparation, do not care about Kakabu the process of mating does not meet behind a only every two or three, and interesting (or strange) that the male does not distinguish sometimes in the process of mating between the female partner and some other species (even his enemies!), What may have serious consequences!
In addition, the male does not have any significant role in the care of children and ensure that the female alone.

Of the reasons that led also to the lack of its numbers is thetransmission of several predators to its environment by shipEuropean trade in past centuries, such as cats, rats and rodents, which made ​​its numbers up to 30 only, but protection efforts, which began in 1890 helped to breeding again until he reached for 131 and127 today .

This is a video documentary about Kakabu:


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