Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great works of art adhesive tape .. Creation of anything and everything!

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Imagine that a very simple equipment such as tape can build a world full of translucent works of art! .. The interesting thing is that this art be emulated sizes correspond to what in truth!
But how is making these works of art by the tape?!
Bring the physical body is to be emulated, whether a game or a real person, and is then packaged in full Ballasq part is then cut behind the body and is ejected from the physical body is then harvested to complement the adhesive tape:

It sounds easy, right?! .. In fact it is not the case ..
Valphenanon in this art need a huge part of patience, lightness, precision and finally creativity and imagination of how the art form in the end.
F this art began a small number of people around the world and one of them was Mark Jenkins, who watch some of his works in this subject, and who achieved great fame in this area is very ...
Surprisingly, some of the artists around the world made ​​their own for themselves like statues, were Ihootoon themselves once taped behind back behind the times and in the end, cut back by a knife in and out of it (imagine the difficulty of it) 

This art has become impressed many in all parts of the world so there are contests for this art. If you want to join one of them and you have enough patience and want to come out of art located inside you Feltsgel this site (click here) and the last date for registration is March 24, 2012 and possibly win $ 5000 .. Perhaps!!
Here is this group of additional work:


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